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  • Student Focused Campus


    With a campus that is centered on your experience as a student, we are constantly improving.  Aside from the strong academic facilities Southeastern has to ensure you are receiving an excellent education, there are facilities to help round out your time here … and make sure you have some fun!

    • Recently opened student union is the heart of activity on campus
    • Campus “Mane Dish” dining facility named #1 in Louisiana and #75 in nation
    • Dining options across campus
    • Brand new residence halls
    • Pennington student activity center is top of the line heath, sport and, wellness facility

    Campus evolves to meet the needs of modern students

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    The Pennington Activity Center has a million options and things for you to do. We have so many different types of what we call Group X classes, so we have anything between CrossFit classes, yoga classes, bodybuilding. There's so many options. We just got a ton of new workout equipment, which I love. I go there all the time. So it was really nice to have that upgrade. I feel like I'm at a sports club sometimes.

    A lot of activities that they have going on in the union-- you can rent game consoles. And there's TVs in each in the booths. So during downtime, you want to play video games or something like that, or just kind of hang out. There's also multiple pool tables. So if you want to hang around, shoot some pool. Want to come to the dining on campus as well. Our cafeteria union is actually number-one rated in the state of Louisiana.

    Fall is always a really fun time, just because of football season. Football is really big here in Hammond. Tailgating-- we start as early as 7:00, 8:00 AM, and we go all the way 'til kickoff. And that's another really good way to meet people that you necessarily wouldn't communicate with on a regular basis. And then also once you're in there, Strawberry Stadium's a beautiful facility.

    Everything about Southeastern says so much about how they strive to be a student-focused campus, and to make sure that we know, and that I know, that Southeastern is for me-- and to better myself. And that I'm a student, and they care about me.

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