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    Are you ready to be on your own? Did you know that students who live on campus have higher graduation rates and higher GPAs than those who do not? Living on campus has a host of benefits that will make your Southeastern experience even better.

    • Over 2500 students living on campus
    • All modern residence halls
    • Year round activities for campus residents
    • Brand new residence halls
    • Students who live on campus have higher GPAs and graduate at higher rate
    • Living on campus gets you more involved

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    Living on campus is definitely a plus going here. Whenever you're living in a dorm, it pretty much takes you five minutes to walk from your dorm to your classes, from your classes back to the union to get some food. It's a really awesome experience to have. You're constantly surrounded by friends, whether it's your roommates or your neighbors that live in the dorm next to you. It's a really good environment.

    You stay more involved living on campus. And I've benefited academically, because say if I commuted, and I don't want to drive back and forth every single day, because then it's less time I get to meet with a professor on campus, if I need to, or do homework or study. Just like any question, I can just email someone or just go visit them easily, and I can't do that if I'm not living on campus.

    RHA, which is the housing association, the residents association, they put on a lot of activities. Like move-in week, there's like a paint party, where you throw-- it's like a paint war. Everybody's throwing paint around and stuff.

    Southeastern has got some great new facilities, both in terms of academic facilities, classroom and laboratory facilities, as well as additional new student housing that's coming online. So one of the focuses for us is to make sure that our facilities meet our student's need both in terms of the academics as well as student life.

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