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  • College of Nursing and Health Sciences


    The health and wellness fields continue to grow at a rapid rate needing strong job-ready graduates each year.  Nurses, physical therapists, healthcare industry managers, nutritionists, social workers, athletic trainers and sport management professionals are just some of the positions that students can pursue through the College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

    College Highlights:

    • Nationally Ranked programs in Nursing, Health Science and Sport Managment fields
    • New top level virtual and hands on labs
    • Community serving speech pathology lab on campus
    • Pre-professional programs in health industry
    • Top level passage rate for nursing exam
    • Partnerships with more than 100 agencies provide our students with diverse practice opportunities

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    The nursing program here at Southeastern is very advanced, so students will be well-prepared for the nursing field when they graduate. And we actually have one of the highest passing rates on the nursing exams in the country.

    In the lab, they have the beds, they have mannequins, they have Pyxis which is where we would pull the medicines from, as if you would in a medicine room. It's very ideal to a clinical setting.

    In our College of Nursing and Health Sciences, you're not limited to just being a nurse or just being a doctor. Here, we offer other options, such as communication sciences and disorders, we have health systems management, and you can also take a path to become a speech pathologist as well. You can actually explore other options in the medical field.

    So the Sports Med Program here at Southeastern's very competitive, because a lot of people want to get into it. One of the cool things about it is that they work directly with the football team here.