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  • College of Science and Technology


    Careers in computer science, engineering technology, biology, medicine, occupational safety, chemistry, physics and industrial technology all start in the College of Science and Technology.  The college offers a wide variety of academic programs that can produce careers as different as welding technology inspector to computer programmer to medical doctor.

    • National rankings in OSHE and Biological Sciences
    • One of largest Computer Science undergrad programs in state
    • Brand new facilities
    • Significant industry investment in programs
    • Internationally recognized faculty
    • Active undergraduate research program

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    Our science and technology program here, it's exceptional because it's the biggest undergrad program in the state. We have physics, chemistry, biology, which I'm a biology major, so we have many different concentrations you can go into.

    We have industrial technology, engineering, health and safety, and so many more. We also have this new building that was just built and it opened recently in August of 2017. Also, it's very accessible to the students because we have labs and things like that for the students to work and have experience.

    The research is really, like, very, like, real-world. It's kind of what you're going to do after college. This is really going to get you ready for your graduating, and your PhD, and level-type work.

    The college is growing in especially the area of industrial technology and also computer science, and the regional industry has invested in this as well.