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  • College of Education


    Has a teacher ever helped or inspired you?  If you’ve ever thought of inspiring others and making an impact by becoming a teacher – whether it be from pre-k to high school or history to special education, the College of Education’s nationally recognized programs will prepare you for your career.

    College Highlights

    • Nationally and regionally rankings in teacher education and counseling
    • On-campus k-8th lab school
    • Cohort based programs build significant learning community among students
    • Avatar lab and significant hands on focus ensure preparation
    • Service learning opportunities through specific courses, internships and field experiences

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    I think the College of Education here at SLU is so exceptional because I feel like I'm really prepared for the real world. We do so many direct teaching hours, observation hours in schools around the area that I feel like I've seen it all.

    The Laboratory School here at Southeastern is a full-blown school. It's an elementary and middle school. So it's here on Southeastern's campus, and we have highly-qualified teachers. And I've had the opportunity to student teach there in a first grade classroom. I've had the most amazing experience there with some great teachers.

    Definitely the education at Southeastern has really benefited me a lot, because a lot of the people that I met my freshman year in the education program, I'm still in the same classes with them my junior and senior years. They've given me the tools I need to develop. We've been able to collaborate on different assignments and work on different projects together.

    I feel the hands-on learning opportunities that the College of Education's offered are the Snoezelen and the Lekotek Labs. And both of these labs are geared toward students with sensory disabilities. And we're actually one of the only schools in the nation that offer both of these labs.

    Another thing is they offer the Practice Lab. The practices are assessments that we have to take before we become certified teachers. And they offer practice tests in this lab. You can come there and get different resources. They'll teach you how to sign up for the tests and things like that.