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  • Saving You Money


    College degree holders will earn well over $1 million more in their career than those with a high school diploma.  A Southeastern degree is a gateway toward more career options, but it does not come at a high cost.

    • Great education at a great value
    • High level of tuition coverage with TOPS
    • Southeastern Promise offers  no tuition increases and a path graduate in 4 years or final semester is free for those who qualify
    • Guaranteed scholarship program for those who qualify
    • Ranked #1 in Louisiana for lowest student debt
    • Out of state fee waivers make tuition affordable for out of state students
    • Private scholarships available
    • National rankings in value, financial aid, support and return on tuition investment

    Learn More About the Southeastern Promise

    Learn More About Financial Aid

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    The promise is essentially a tuition guarantee. And for students coming into the university who agree to make progress toward completing their four-year degree in four years, we promise to hold their tuition and fees constant over that period of time. So it's really intended to help students progress to graduate more quickly and give them and their families a little more predictability in terms of the cost of college.

    I think Southeastern is a really valuable college. I had the Southeastern Honors Scholarship. My choice to go to Southeastern, I think, was very beneficial for me because the cost and the faculty is beyond amazing.

    We have one of the only textbook rental systems in the country. And the opportunity to rent their books rather than have to purchase them each semester saves students a significant amount of money. Many students at Southeastern who come from other states qualify to have the out-of-state portion of their fees waived.

    Tuition is affordable. I was going to be paying a lot of money for tuition, but with the help of the out-of-state waiver, it brings my tuition down.

    Students should consider coming to Southeastern because the institution does a great job providing an education to our students. We prepare them for life, and work, and we do that at a great value in terms of competitive price, tuition and fees, and that sort of thing.