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  • College of Business


    If you see yourself leading your own business, becoming a certified public accountant (CPA), working in a technical sales position, or being an advertising or marketing executive the College of Business has it all.  You will join thousands of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders who have also graduated from the College of Business.

    College Highlights:

    • National rankings in Accounting and MBA program
    • AACSB accredited programs
    • Bloomberg Financial Lab one of few in the region
    • Significant international programs and initiative in Latin America
    • Focus on internship and real world ready preparation

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    So the College of Business, we do a couple of study abroad trips every year. One of the biggest ones that we have are in Costa Rica and Panama. Those are two. And actually, someone from Panama donated the money for our Marketing Lab. So that kind of goes to show you just how strong our connections are. And also, we have a ton of international students, especially from Latin America. They make up a really big majority of our College of Business.

    The MBA program actually is top 35 in the nation in executive MBA programs. And the accounting department was just ranked top 25 this year, actually. And the college itself is accredited, and that accreditation is top 11% in the world.

    The Bloomberg lab has the terminals that people come in and do their projects on all the time. And we're actually one of the only schools, I think, in the state that has the Bloomberg technology on it. So we spend a ton of money every year so that our finance and accounting students can come here and finish their projects and get the best results.

    As far as getting real-world-ready, that's our number one goal with our students. So how internships help is we get lined up by our school with real jobs. And a lot of the times, our students get hired right out of their internships.

    There's a professor that's in charge of internships for each specific degree. So they'll go ahead and send emails out to students to say, hey, these are the businesses that are looking for interns. Here's how you apply, stuff like that. Here's the criteria, so lots of internship opportunities.