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  • Real World Ready and Honors Programs


    A Southeastern education is both robust and outcomes focused.  For those students looking for an extra rigorous structure, the Honors Program offers a unique and enriching experience.  In all academic programs, our Real World Ready Program provides practical, hands-on learning opportunities to put your classroom learning into practice.

    • Focused on hands-on learning for students
    • Internships, service learning, research, study abroad focuses
    • Small seminar class structure in Honors Program
    • Honors priority scheduling and housing
    • Gain significant preparation for career, professional or graduate school
    • Honors club

    Learn More About Real World Ready

    Learn More About Honors Program

    So the Real World Ready Program basically sends you off into the field that you're studying so you can get real world experience in that field. And in the College of Education, that has been almost every semester that I've been here. So, starting my first semester at Southeastern, I've been in the field at different parishes for education. So I've seen various teachers, various students, all across the area.

    So I feel like being a part of the Real World Ready Program has really made me real world ready for any situation that I would come across in my future career.

    I really enjoy being in the honors program because it's more of you sit down and discuss. It's not just someone lecturing at you. The teachers really care. They want to hear your ideas. Most of the classes range from 10 to 20 students. We do get priority scheduling so we can get into those honors classes. I'm going to law school, so the teachers really prepare their students for the future, and taking tests, and getting into grad school.

    And also, with the honors program, there's an honors club. So it gives us opportunities to grow as leaders, to get involved in our community, and just to network and meet people within the honors program.