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Freshman Year and Beyond

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  • Your Freshmen Experience


    Southeastern knows the transition from high school to college is a major life experience.  We’ve structured your freshmen year to help you make that transition through activities, campus-wide support, and personal preparation and enrichment.

    • Center For Student Excellence – your freshman support center
    • Personalized freshmen counseling
    • Freshmen success classes
    • Freshmen event programming to get you involved
    • Help in determining career interests
    • Free tutoring

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    At Southeastern, we help you transition in your freshman year from high school to college. We have an SC101 course here. It's called Freshman Success. And in that course, your instructor is your advisor for a whole year, and that's your go to person for anything that you can imagine to help in your transition. And within that course, we have certain things that you do, like major/minor fairs, and all sorts of things to transition from high school to college, because at the Center for Student Excellence we definitely have a culture of care.

    We really want to help you be successful your first year.

    Career Services can definitely help align your interests and your passions with what you want to do on a day-to-day basis, and then what major would best fit that career path.

    So, for the Center of Student Excellence, that's where you would find all your advisors. And, also, you would set up tutoring over there. That's free to all students. Either you can have academic counseling, or you can also have a therapy kind of counseling. So, if you have a personal problem, something with your family, we do have free counseling here with licensed professionals.

    So for freshmen, there's the Lion Craze. And it's an opportunity for freshmen just to mingle with each other, to meet their advisors, and to meet leaders on campus. There's also Movie Mania for when you move in, and a lot of other events geared toward freshmen.