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  • Academic Excellence


    Personal attention is the hallmark of your Southeastern experience.  You will get the attention you deserve here.  That attention does not come at the cost of an excellent high-quality academic program.  You will be taught by the best professors in ranked and recognized programs.

    • Focus is on student success before and after graduation
    • Nationally ranked programs and faculty in every academic college
    • Nationally ranked undergraduate and graduate programs
    • Personal attention enables your success
    • Small class sizes and low teacher to student ratio

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    What impressed me the most about the academics at Southeastern is that the relationships that you can build with the professors. Being that is a small classroom, you have that more intimate relationship so that when it comes to graduation, you can have better letters of recommendations with them. Also, they offer you different types of internships.

    I think what sets us apart is our hands-on experience. Because a lot of schools, you're going to have to wait to get that experience when you're in your junior, senior year. Here, you can come in as a freshman and get hands-on experience in whatever you want to do.

    Southeastern has excellent academic programs. Many of our faculty are very impressive in terms of their particular accomplishments in their fields. They bring that into the classroom, and it shows in terms of our students' performance on licensure exams. I hear from employers all the time that our students are extremely well-prepared when they enter the workforce.

    I think here at Southeastern, a lot of our professors and the administration really, really focus on just our success before we graduate, while we're here, as well as is after with everything they do for us.